Wax & Stamp - Brand Board (WIP)

March 21, 2016

About 6 months ago we decided we were going to have another shot at branding waxandstamp.com, as we didn't quite hit the mark on who we were when we launched. We transitioned to using the updated wordmark pretty quickly, but wanted to sp...

Wax & Stamp - Branding and web design

April 07, 2015

As CTO and head of product, I produced the branding and web design for my vinyl subscription company Wax & Stamp. We wanted a modern meets retro feel, drawing on 60s and 70s illustration and colour palettes, mixed with modern web des...

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Wax & Stamp Illustrations

April 07, 2015

Some illustrations I did for the Wax & Stamp website. The feel we were going for was 60s/70s almost psychedelic, bordering on sleazy. I think I got the Beatles Yellow Submarine vibe, but not really cornered the sleaze...

Wax & Stamp in practice

December 30, 2014

Concept for the web page of Wax & Stamp, more just to see the logo in situ than anything else. Really wanting to try some new things with this site, but needs to be launched soon, so we'll see what happens...

Wax & Stamp Branding

December 30, 2014

Branding for my new vinyl subscription startup, Wax & Stamp. We wanted something that was modern meets vintage. Something with a bit of 70s sleaze. Inspiration came from mfp, one of the vinyl imprint of EMI.