Lachezar Petkov File Commander by Lachezar Petkov

I was given the task to redesign a big portion of the File Commander app's user interface, as well as the launcher icon, system icons, and more.

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An icon set that never made it

July 18, 2018

An icon set that never made it to production :) Designed in Framer


Animated File Converter

October 20, 2017

A goofy animated version of my File Converter illustration. Done in Sketch + After Effects

Vault Door

October 18, 2017

No gradients, since this SVG will be converted to Android VectorDrawable (which doesn't support gradients)

File Converter Intro Screen

October 06, 2017

An intro screen for a file converter feature Project: File Commander (Android app)

Recycle Bin

October 06, 2017

An illustration for a simple feature showcase screen. Project: File Commander (Android app)

Category Icons

April 27, 2017

File type categories

File Commander Icon Set

April 10, 2017

My task was to design a small icon set for the File Commander Android app that would serve as sort of a drop-in replacement of some of the default Material icons provided by Google. A couple of the icons are unique for the app and don't...