1. Wax & Wane — Color exploration motion color color scheme bright minimal conceptual branding logo design concept
    Wax & Wane — Color exploration
  2. Kunstenpunt – Navigation + header structure concept exploration ux ui minimal interface menu navigation hero header
    Kunstenpunt – Navigation + header structure
  3. Kunstenpunt – Menu Exploration website branding art interface design concept ui ux navigation
    Kunstenpunt – Menu Exploration
  4. Mia&Ben – Social Media interaction branding socials social media intstagram interface motion graphics concept ui after effects children minimal
    Mia&Ben – Social Media
  5. Gate15 - Rent a space webdesign motion typography minimal concept ui uxui interface student gate15 antwerp
    Gate15 - Rent a space
  6. Visual Proposal Rock Festival rock stickers visual proposal branding print interaction design animation
    Visual Proposal Rock Festival
  7. Fictional Logo Concept simple minimal brutalist concept belgium business card logo branding
    Fictional Logo Concept
  8. Blog Highlight Feature ui mix highlight blog minimal typeface header concept animation
    Blog Highlight Feature
  9. Duden — Mobile Screens ux ui sketch product words homepage project design internship interface mobile german dictionary duden edenspiekermann
    Duden — Mobile Screens
  10. Ocean Space — Activities Calendar web artsy interface date date picker interaction concept ux ui art website calendar
    Ocean Space — Activities Calendar
  11. Interior Architect — Logo identity black and white interior architect stationery typography elegant simple ogg design typographical minimal stencil logo
    Interior Architect — Logo
  12. Stories Overview — Personal Project grid overview informational dark personal project minimalism ui black interface experimental minimal webdesign scribble clean design date rape
    Stories Overview — Personal Project
  13. WIP — Sexual Assault Awareness Project web design story article devine paint typo typograpy light color women friendly women minimal
    WIP — Sexual Assault Awareness Project
  14. Wallows — Redesign personal music band principle animation branding digital redesign
    Wallows — Redesign
  15. Minimal Article Concept color artist typo design editorial video quick interaction astrid s colorful article minimal
    Minimal Article Concept
  16. Portfolio — Redesign lotte bijlsma junior designer minimal personal redesign portfolio
    Portfolio — Redesign
  17. Daikin Online Controller smart temperature smart home controller cross media devine daikin redesign
    Daikin Online Controller
  18. Nico Päffgen gif eyes movies albums howest motion wip maiv mov after effects motion graphics devine howest nico paffgen
    Nico Päffgen gif
  19. Drasil: Astral Projection norse mythology yggdrasil school project out of body experience astral projection devinehowest devine howest illustration
    Drasil: Astral Projection
  20. WIP: Jaspr App howest cash free trading trading motion wip explainer mov after effects motion graphics devine howest jaspr jaspr trades
    WIP: Jaspr App
  21. Nico: Album Section albums lp vinyl howest motion wip maiv mov after effects motion graphics devine howest nico paffgen
    Nico: Album Section
  22. WIP: 1959 - Nico in NYC statue of liberty howest new york motion wip maiv mov after effects motion graphics devine howest nico paffgen
    WIP: 1959 - Nico in NYC
  23. Google Doodle first day of summer summer google doodle google after effects devinehowest devine howest motion graphics
    Google Doodle
  24. Blauw export bier collage web design code beer major 3 devine devine howest bier blauw
    Blauw export bier
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