43 css3d books

Digital library with CSS 3D and animation

March 07, 2013

Just updated my website with a book suggestion section inspired by Frank Chimero's website. I used only CSS to render the 3D and animate the book flip. It works better with Webkit browsers but works well on Firefox (didn't tried it on I...

29 loriskumo responsive site

New website: live

August 15, 2012

It was a long long work but here it is, my new website is live! www.loriskumo.com I put a special effort on the responsive navigation patterns as well as making it fully Retina optimized. I hope you will enjoy it! Unfortunately it's o...

25 social media icons

Social Media Icons

July 17, 2012

Social media buttons that will appear in the footer of my website. I wanted to show links to those networks but I wanted them simple and subtle. That's why the colors will appear only on hover state. Of course a @2x version will be serv...

22 contact icons

Contact Icons

June 28, 2012

Part of the contact page from my new website (which will hopefully arrive soon). Small quick contact icons. The three are linked, including the phone number for an easy "tap to call" on smartphones. This will eventually receive a @2x tr...

13 loriskumo com

Working on a new personal website

April 24, 2012

Rethinking my personal website. As I couldn't stand the old one anymore I quickly built a "coming soon" page. www.loriskumo.com/en Took some time to try some techniques around retina images, I use two different ones to display both the...