Illustration Work

September 14, 2019

This is a new illustration done for one of our clients in the sales intelligence domain. The image depicts that hectic life of salespeople can b streamlined and made more effective with the help of data intelligence. Follow us for more...


August 05, 2019

As designers, there is a continuous need to reflect back and check each functionality and information. Usability testing helps us achieve a goal very well.

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Work illustration

June 15, 2019

As a designer, were you ever consumed with the digital space for inspiration and got stuck with limited thoughts and perception? This is exactly how our illustrator felt on one of the busy days. To create pixel perfect designs, why not ...

Illustration With Procreate Brushes

January 25, 2019

If you want your lines to be clean and smoother, increase the Streamline percentage on the Procreate app in the brush edits. This is an absolute delight to use if you want to do some precise hand lettering. Read our blog on understandin...

Procreate Illustration

January 23, 2019

We have seen a wave of change with many artists adopting iPad Pro and vouching for the comfort and flexibility it provides. So we got on to understand what is it that they like so much about Procreate and if they could share a few insig...

Work Illustration

January 22, 2019

An illustration that depicts collaborative working. Check out more illustrations on our account, and please don't forget to follow us. 🍭Lollypop Studio🍭 Thank you.

Sporttech Illustrations

January 20, 2019

Few illustrations for a Sports tech app. Follow us for more shots. 🍭Lollypop Studio🍭 Thank you.

Pop Art Illustration- Comic Book Style

January 16, 2019

The Comic Book style is typically composed of strong black outlines, realistic sketches of people and dramatically strong colours. The most influential element in this style, however, is the halftone pattern, which is a dotted texture us...