Customer Experience - Illustration

October 19, 2019

To provide a consistent experience across digital and physical touch-points is becoming a leading trend in direction to enhance customer engagement. This illustration depicts a proactive approach of a service provider while a customer av...

Research Illustration

October 12, 2019

User research is about engaging people who might use the product, and deriving insights on their behavioural patterns, motivations, and pain points. Follow us for more shots. 🍭Lollypop Studio🍭

UX Research Illustration

October 05, 2019

Research always gives you an insight into the way forward. Asking the right questions and trying to understand the user's psyche, needs and preferences, motivations, and frustrations always helps us craft a better solution. Here is to ...

Coin Animation

July 29, 2019

Our Fintech domain should devise an AI-driven strategy for personalized wealth management so that each individual's savings can accumulate over time without any complications. Follow us for more shots. 🍭Lollypop Studio🍭 Thank you.

User Experience Animation

June 01, 2019

Over the last few decades, the internet revolution has opened up a world of opportunities. The ability to make or break a brand completely lies in the hands of the user. Moreover, businesses need to thoroughly understand their user and c...

Lollypop Design Studio Digital Money Dribbble

May 25, 2019

Here we have for you our latest animation depicting the transformation of the economy from physical wallets to digital wallets. The constant move towards digitization has enabled digital wallets, which form a very crucial part of e-comme...

Healthtech Illustration

May 04, 2019

Illustration created for a Healthtech company that is the pioneer in single-cell DNA analysis and precision genomics and is extremely scientific. The platform caters to researchers and clinicians, who unlock single-cell biology to enabl...

Boxing Animation- Sportstech

April 28, 2019

Lively animation for Boxing. The subtle animation and customized illustration make for engaging visuals and a great user experience. Follow us for more shots. 🍭Lollypop Studio🍭 Thank you.