Logovolt - Business Card Design

July 10, 2019

Part of my personal brand identity that i've been developing since late 2018 ⚡ Press "L" to show some support ❤

Logovolt - Logo Design

March 11, 2019

They say your own logo it's the hardest one to come up with. That wasn't the case for me. What was hard though, and took a lot of time, was coming up with the name for my business, Logovolt. Let me explain why. When asking for advice to...

Logovolt - Logo Breakdown

March 10, 2019

As a reward for blasting through 20K followers on Instagram, i decided to treat myself with a new logo. A Monogram with the letters LV forming the shape of a Lightning Bolt seemed like the perfect choice, so i went ahead and created it ...