May 29, 2018

Morning dribbblers, here's another weekend procreate drawing, hope you enjoy! Ended up having two color variations, which one do you like best? For full timelapse: Don't forget to subscribe for my drawings 😬

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May 24, 2018

just, one, moar illustration! 🤪 an early preview of something in works... stay tuned for more. ;)


Just drawing birdies

May 23, 2018

Just a quick snap of me drawing humming bird. It's hard stop messing with Procreate 🤪 Saw my wife @lola painting this birdie with watercolors, so I snapped a shot with an iPad and added some pencils. :) You can see some of the processes...

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Weekend Painting

May 21, 2018

lazy weekend, messing around with procreate. ☺️. Some of the random styles @Ted Kulakevich and I have been experimenting with. 😎



May 17, 2018

I can't stop drawing things in procreate, too much fun! 🤪

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Horse - iPad Drawing

May 14, 2018

Hey guys, hope yall had a great weekend! I couldn't resist doing another iPad drawing this weekend. My little ones asked me to add something at the end if you watch the full GIF you'll see a magical transformation 😜 Just started Youtu...

Milky Way

May 11, 2018

Just playing around with some of them trendy thingamablobbers or whatever you call 'em 🤫 I got inspired by a recent piece from super talented folks from @Outcrowd if you aren't following them yet - go follow them now! Happy Friday!


Social Girl

May 07, 2018

Hey guys, I’ve had an iPad+Pencil setup for a while but never really gave it a fair run. So this weekend I decided to spend a little time and really play with it… and oh my goodness 🤯 ! So much fun, it really made me feel like a littl...

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