Online Store - Nike Shoes App

July 22, 2019

Hi guys, Recently I've bought this Vapormax Premier Flyknit and was browsing dribbble and still see shoe app designs here. I know this was a trend a couple of years back but anyway every trend can be improved :) So here is my take on t...

Bike Shop Site Exploration

September 05, 2018

August was a full month of vacation for me, took the time to recharge my batteries and started this morning with this shop exploration for Mongoose Bikes because I'm thinking about getting one.

Valencia City of Arts - Redesign Concept Landing Page

July 14, 2018

Valencia City of Arts it's a must-visit destination for all of you creative people. Not to mention this amazing Architecture inside the City of Arts there gives you so much inspiration...

Store Book Landing Page

May 18, 2018

Getting back to my #weeklycreatives exercise with another landing page.

Santorini Landing Page Exploration - #weeklycreatives

March 12, 2018

Yet another shot from my #weeklycreatives session! PS: Feels good to start the week like this even if the weather outside is 10º and raining!


Furniture Store Landing Page - #weeklycreatives

March 06, 2018

When I get bored at my Home Design Studio, I'm exploring layouts & industries for my #weeklycreatives Also spend some time (in PS Timeline) doing a little intro animation for this landing page, hope you like it 🖤

Glenfiddich Concept Landing Page - #weeklycreatives

March 02, 2018

I recently got into whiskey tasting and got my self a nice collection of Single Malt Whiskeys and while zippin' a Glenfiddich decided to dive into my #weeklycreatives session. Nothing more than another concept and keep my creative side ...

Liv ang portfolio

Simple Landing Portfolio Page - #weeklycreatives

February 25, 2018

Yooo dribbblers, This week I've decided to revamp my personal website but keep it simple and effective at the same time. It's nothing more than a business card but bigger than the regular format 🔥 Go ahead an check the live version at...

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