Lawyers Firm corporate website

March 18, 2020

Hey guys, continue sharing more details on our redesign project for Lawyers Firm corporate website. This time it is a menu design and interactions. Since services are the main focus on the site, we designed for them separate dropping do...

Legal Services Corporate Website Homepage

March 13, 2020

Hi friends! 😃 A few days ago we’ve shared a sneak peek of our recent fintech project. And today we gonna show you a bit more details of the Kelman Law homepage. As you can see, we were quite free to implement bold ideas here, which are ...

Corporate website for Kelman Law fintech lawyers

March 11, 2020

Hi guys! 🙌 It’s time to share one more project from the previous year. This one is a corporate website for unordinary lawyers who keep up with the times and are ready to change the established way of communication in their industry. Kelm...

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