I am a UX/UI Designer who, with a combination of compassion and collaboration, designs empowering user experiences.

Currently I'm working with Ironeye to redesign a responsive website providing services to federal contractors, public health officials, BFSI industries, and other B2B clients. In this role, I am applying the skill set I acquired from recently finishing an intensive 6-month UX design course with Designlab and worked on different speculative projects, including:

🏛️ Smithsonian
An end-to-end mobile app that enhances the existing museum user experience through mobile navigation and augmented reality (AR) labels.

🎶 Spotify
Adding features to an existing app that decreases a user's reliance on company's competitors through recommendations and timed streaming.

🍰 Stella's Bakery
A responsive website for local bakery that maintains a user's perceived food quality through online ordering and tracking.

Washington, DC

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