404 Illustration

April 23, 2019

Hey Team! I wanted to share a simple 404 illustration I made for our public-facing site. I'm attaching the current (old) page and an idea of the newer-looking page. Since 404 pages are a pain-point for Users we thought it would be nice t...

Part 4 for illustration series

April 12, 2019

Part 4 for illustration series I made illutration o 6 cities of Spain

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Roadshow illustration

April 12, 2019

An Illustrations from a set of illustrations I made Liferay Roadshow Spain :) Hope you like it!

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DXP Cloud Illustration

November 27, 2018

Hey Team -- I wanted to post this illustration I made for our newest product, Digital Experience Cloud. Gotta love flat clouds :) Adding motion soon

Product cards

Product Cards

October 11, 2018

Recently updated the product cards on liferay.com that Naoki shared to include Liferay DXP Cloud.

Help center animation 30fps

Liferay Help Center

July 27, 2018

We plan to use this illustration on the home page of Liferay’s Help Center. I had a great time animating it. Thank you to @Ryan Connolly for doing the illustration.

Hpa dribbble borders 2

Animated SVG Illustration - Liferay.com

July 25, 2018

SVG animation is pretty legit. Here is the animation for the Liferay homepage (illustrated by Ryan). I started with the illustration, exported as an svg, and added animation using both css and the svg animate property to really bring thi...

Logo animation

Liferay's Updated Logo

July 17, 2018

We've made some slight updates to our logo — I didn't do too much of the real work, but I did get to have fun with this little project! Spent more time in tooling than doing the actual work :D Sketching in Figma, straight to the browse...