Andy Legenki CLILK by Andy Legenki

Clilk is a smart animation maker for daily art. Clilk provides endless opportunities to create animated movies and launch your personal channel.

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Iconset for about page

January 14, 2020

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Clilk landing page

December 10, 2019

This is a work in progress of a landing page I'm hoping to get done before the end of the year :) for — Smart animation maker. The design process is available on

Clilk desktop dashboard & animation editor

December 08, 2019

Clilk users create a lot of visual content. The home page has all the necessary tools and controls for displaying the content. Users can change the type of feeds by genre, popularity or recommended collections. Clilk animation editor was...

Clilk mobile editor

December 08, 2019

The mobile interface inherits the desktop design: all the controls are in the same positions. The sticker bar in the editor is a slider panel that could be hidden to the bottom of the screen if necessary.

Clilk Feed, Collection & Profile

December 06, 2019

The animation feed is divided into two columns so that users can observe more items at a time. The image chosen for profile or collections has a default duplication as a cover image with 32px blur. The cover image could be changed to any...

Clilk logo

Clilk animation maker. Logo

December 06, 2019

I have recently finished the project about CLILK animation editor and social network. It is an important piece of design for me.