Character Design for Animation with Sarah Beth Morgan

Taught by Sarah Beth Morgan
A two-part interactive Crash Course from Dribbble with Sarah Beth Morgan where you will deep dive into the world of character design for animation.
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A Two-Part Crash Course

Creating and bringing a character to life is never an easy feat. Knowing how to draw the human form is a good start but doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of nuances that come with character design for animation. Why does this character matter? What does the character add to the narrative? Is it human, an animal, a bunch of shapes?

Animation begins with a lot of groundwork.

Join director and illustrator Sarah Beth Morgan as she demystifies her character design process. As she walks you through the design process, from concepting, sketching, and posing to pushing character designs to their limits, you'll discover how she comes up with characters and brings them to life through illustration.

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Learn about character design for animation with Sarah Beth and Dribbble during this Two-Part Crash Course. Participants will receive two 3-hour workshops, a take-home assignment, and feedback from the global Dribbble community. Attend the interactive sessions to learn helpful information, network, and engage in Q&A sessions with a proper animation professional.

You'll Learn

  • - An in-depth look at Sarah Beth's pre-motion process
  • - Create a character from scratch in Photoshop
  • - A step-by-step guide on designing characters based on a client script
  • - Using reference photos to pose characters
  • - Abstracting, proportion, and distortion in character design
  • - When to use non-human characters
  • - Tips for communicating with animation teams

Crash Course Structure:

Session One - August 18, 2021

Sarah Beth will introduce you to the world of characters in motion while walking you through the various ways to use characters to support animated storytelling. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of her process as she walks you through creating a character, from backstory and sketch to complete design. An interactive Q&A and take-home assignment will wrap up the session.

Session Two - August 25, 2021

After completing your assignment from Session One, Sarah Beth will demonstrate multiple ways you can improve upon your character designs, and take a deeper dive into the character design for animation process. We’ll spend most of the second session critiquing and examining your student projects from volunteers with Q&A sprinkled throughout the session!

You'll Receive:

  • Two in-depth, interactive sessions
  • Live Q&A with Sarah Beth in each session
  • Access to an exclusive community group of classmates from around the globe
  • Take-home assignments designed for feedback in Session Two
  • Live feedback on your projects and advice from Sarah
  • Curated templates and PDFs of course content
  • Live-recorded session access for up to 2-weeks post-session

Sarah Beth Morgan is a motion director, illustrator, and dog mom based in Portland, OR. She works for motion studios and with a range of clients such as Chipotle, Ecobee, and Google on motion and illustration.

The magical, far-away Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is where Sarah Beth grew up, denied bacon and cable television, but given a unique outlook on life. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design and working at Scholar Studios in Los Angeles for two years, she settled in the Pacific Northwest. Her career at Oddfellows included work as an art director for Google, Old Navy, and Capital One.

Since then, Sarah Beth has been working from her own Portland studio, sometimes working together with her husband, Tyler, on animation projects. Currently, she works full-time as a freelancer and online instructor, championing women in the field.

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“It was an awesome workshop. Thank you for going above and beyond the session!!”

“A 3 hour workshop that ended up almost hitting 5! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us :)”

“Finishing up the 1st half of @Draplin's workshop from @dribbble and I'm already so inspired.”

“This workshop was incredibly insightful, I definitely learned a ton. Thanks Aaron and everyone else involved for your time!”

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Bulk discount offered to colleagues or classmates if 5 or more tickets are bought.

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Our Dribbble Workshop sessions with Sarah Beth Morgan takes place on August 18, 2021 and August 25, 2021. Both sessions begin at 9:00AM (PDT).

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