Understanding & Building Responsive Web Designs with Editor X

Taught by Editor X sponsored by Editor X
An interactive, virtual Dribbble Workshop with Editor X. Learn about responsive design terminology and units of measurement, discover the differences between device-driven and content-driven breakpoints and create your own, live, responsive design!

Sponsored by Editor X

Editor X

Discover the advanced website creation platform that offers intuitive, responsive design capabilities. Push your creative limits and deliver outstanding results. Start creating on Editor X today.

For many web designers, creating designs for a wide variety of screen sizes can be a unique challenge. But your website can benefit from responsive design in a lot of ways!

After adopting a responsive web design, your site will become highly mobile-friendly, display more attractively on both large and small screens, and encourage more visitors to stay longer. An added benefit is the likely improvement in your search engine ranking. So, if you haven’t yet mastered responsive design for your websites, this Editor X and Dribbble workshop has got you covered.

On October 27th, join us for a FREE three-hour workshop to help you drill down on responsive web design and adopt a responsive approach to future projects. The team from Editor X, a drag-and-drop creation platform for web designers, will share their process on building fluid sites that behave beautifully across all screen sizes. Attendees will get a live demo of a fluid site design process for their reference. Plus, there will be lots of Q&A, tips, and recommendations from responsive web design experts at Editor X.

After attending this workshop, users, clients, and colleagues will appreciate your stunning, responsive web designs!

You’ll Learn

  • - An intro to the basic principles of responsive design
  • - Key terminology and units of measurement required for success
  • - Approaches to content-driven and device-driven breakpoints
  • - How to create your own responsive design (with live feedback!)

About Editor X

Editor X is an advanced, fully collaborative platform for building responsive websites. Combining responsive design with flexbox technology powered by smooth drag and drop, the platform also offers users complete design control with CSS. Creators have access to a powerful CMS for data-driven sites and complex web applications. Use Editor X to build sites with custom breakpoints, interactions, and integrated business solutions, including eCommerce, marketing, and SEO.

About your hosts:

Gali Erez is the head of product for Editor X and Wix ADI. Before joining Wix in 2015, Gali was a senior UX designer and was later promoted to management of all UX consumer experiences. Gail has also worked for globally renowned brands such as Goldman Sachs and Warner Bros. As a designer and visual communicator; she is passionate about translating technology into products that people can relate to.

Ido Hershkovitz is a web developer and Editor X specialist based in Tel Aviv. Ido can be found working alongside Editor X's marketing team to create websites for their activities. In addition to coding, he also specializes in responsive design. Ido is an avid music producer and musician when not at work, lending to the creative side of responsive design.

What people are saying about Dribbble workshops

“I just wanted to let you and the Dribble folks know how great the workshop was today. As you kindly called out during the meeting, as I mentioned in the chat, this was INDEED the very type of workshop I have been wishing to see offered...forever! I've been waiting a long time to come across just the right thing.”

“I just wanted to say that after a looooong 9-5 with 3 branding projects overlapping at work, this workshop has been very relaxing, entertaining and academic. I have been sitting in this chair since 8am and now it's almost 3am hahahahah worth every minute of it.”

“It was an awesome workshop. Thank you for going above and beyond the session!!”

“A 3 hour workshop that ended up almost hitting 5! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us :)”

“Finishing up the 1st half of @Draplin's workshop from @dribbble and I'm already so inspired.”

“This workshop was incredibly insightful, I definitely learned a ton. Thanks Aaron and everyone else involved for your time!”

Sponsored by Editor X

Editor X

Discover the advanced website creation platform that offers intuitive, responsive design capabilities. Push your creative limits and deliver outstanding results. Start creating on Editor X today.


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Our Dribbble Workshop session with Editor-X takes place on October 27, 2021. The session begin at 9:00AM (PST).

As a heads-up, please take note that all workshop session times are in Pacific Standard Time, so plan accordingly!

Tickets for this workshop are on sale until 8am PST on October 27th, —but you’ll want to act fast, since seats are limited. Don’t miss out, designers!

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So you want to attend a Dribbble Workshop, but you don’t know how to ask your manager? Here are a few talking points to get your boss on board!

  • You’ll get inspired and re-energized

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  • An awesome, jam-packed creative time—in just a few hours

    Since Dribbble Workshops take place over the course of a quick few hours, they don’t require extended time away from the office—or for you to even leave home. They’re a perfect, socially-distanced way to learn important new skills and make rewarding creative connections.

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