Lettering For Logos with Jon Contino

Taught by Jon Contino
New York native Jon Contino is an influential staple in the design and branding community. In this interactive crash course, you’ll explore the process of logo development through custom lettering. Then, map the entire process while using your inspiration references to flesh out your design and sketch your ideas. Design alongside Jon, get feedback and leave the course with a new brand identity!
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A well-known name in the design and branding community, Jon Contino’s work has earned some of the industry’s most significant awards. He is a designer, letterer, illustrator, and branding wizard for brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Session One - April 26, 2023

Lettering for Logos

During the first session of Lettering for Logos, you will learn the entire process of creating a unique logo created purely through custom lettering. Initially, you will map out your logo to explore shapes and compositions that are interesting. Next, your design will be fleshed out using the style references you've collected, and you'll learn how to combine ideas to create an aesthetic. Finally, the workshop will cover sketching your ideas in-depth, refining those sketches, and preparing your final design.

In addition to the lettering techniques for logos and interactive Q&A in this session, Jon has prepared exercises to apply what you've learned and continue working on your logo design, which will be reviewed in Session Two.

What You'll Learn

  • Plan your lettering so the shape makes sense
  • Using style references to create unique work
  • Sketching through your ideas for an exciting and unrestricted result
  • Revising sketches based on reference material
  • Preparing to create the final piece
  • …and much more!

Session Two - April 26, 2023

A Deeper Dive: Lettering for Logos

Lettering for Logos will continue to explore the importance of lettering and its use for creating a unique and memorable design with our previous project. Next, you will learn how to take your sketches, clean them up, and create digital files suitable for any purpose.

We will end the workshop with another Q&A and group review where attendees will present their work. Finally, Jon will offer feedback and demonstrate how even the tiniest details can improve your design.

What You'll Learn

  • How to work with letters in logos to create something memorable
  • Discuss the cleaning process, how to prepare for inking and digital creation
  • Create a digital copy of your company's logo in Photoshop and Illustrator using multiple techniques to achieve a particular style
  • Review and critique participants’ logo projects
  • ...and much more!

You're Invited

Join Jon and Dribbble for this full day workshop on Lettering for Logos. You'll gain access to two 3-hour workshops, an interactive assignment with helpful feedback, and a global online community of peers. In addition, get valuable reference material, networking opportunities, and join in on interactive Q&A sessions.

New York native Jon Contino is an influential staple in the design and branding community. As founder and creative director of independent branding studio CONTINO, he has produced award-winning work for household names and received some of the industry’s most prestigious honors. In 2018, Jon published his first book, Brand by Hand, in partnership with Abrams Books.

Widely known for his unique style combining old and new world aesthetics and modern, minimalist style, Jon’s work reveals influences of historical New York, contemporary street art, and of course, hand-drawn lettering.

With style admired by small boutique brands to international corporations, Jon has received countless accolades for his fusion of old and new world aesthetics in his design. With clients like Nike, Coca-Cola, AT&T, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his designs genuinely tell a story while influencing modern design.

Jon resides in New York with his wife, Erin, and daughter, Fiona, where he operates his full-time studio and continues fighting the good fight of the pencil vs. the pixel.

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“Finishing up the 1st half of @Draplin's workshop from @dribbble and I'm already so inspired.”

“This workshop was incredibly insightful, I definitely learned a ton. Thanks Aaron and everyone else involved for your time!”

Save $

Bulk discount offered to colleagues or classmates if 5 or more tickets are bought.

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