Creating NFTs and Smart Contracts with No Code with Bueno

Taught by Pablo Stanley sponsored by Bueno
Pablo Stanley will guide you through his seamless process of creating NFTs and deploying smart contracts without writing a single line of code.

Sponsored by Bueno


Free workshop thanks to our sponsor Bueno

Pablo Stanley will guide you through his seamless process of creating NFTs and deploying smart contracts without writing a single line of code. During this 1-hour free workshop, you will learn how Pablo has created his famous NFT collections like Robotos and Humankind and how creators of all backgrounds can do the same with no blockchain or programming experience.

Bueno is helping 50,000 creators launch their NFT collections with no code. Get their weekly breakdown to learn how to get started as a Web3 creator, for free.

You’ll learn how

  • - to generate NFT art with no code
  • - to adjust your tokens rarity
  • - to prepare your pre-sale allowlist for NFT projects
  • - to deploy smart contracts with no code

About Bueno

Bueno is a set of no-code tools that helps creators launch their generative art projects on the blockchain. We believe that NFTs should be made easy and accessible to everyone.

With the Bueno Generator and Bueno Contract, we offer a seamless NFT creation experience, from generation to mint in a few easy steps.

Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley is a passion-driven artist, co-founder, and CEO of Bueno, creator of the iconic Robotos NFT collection, and one of the most influential forces in the illustration world. He's behind open-source illustrations used by millions of people worldwide like Humaaans and Open Peeps.

His life purpose is to fill the world with doodles. This dream has led him to develop two ambitious projects: a children's animated show with TIME Studios and Bueno, a no-code platform for NFT artists. Through his evolution as a designer, entrepreneur, and artist, Pablo has found ways to empower other creators by sharing his process.

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“I just wanted to let you and the Dribble folks know how great the workshop was today. As you kindly called out during the meeting, as I mentioned in the chat, this was INDEED the very type of workshop I have been wishing to see offered...forever! I've been waiting a long time to come across just the right thing.”

“I just wanted to say that after a looooong 9-5 with 3 branding projects overlapping at work, this workshop has been very relaxing, entertaining and academic. I have been sitting in this chair since 8am and now it's almost 3am hahahahah worth every minute of it.”

“It was an awesome workshop. Thank you for going above and beyond the session!!”

“A 3 hour workshop that ended up almost hitting 5! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us :)”

“Finishing up the 1st half of @Draplin's workshop from @dribbble and I'm already so inspired.”

“This workshop was incredibly insightful, I definitely learned a ton. Thanks Aaron and everyone else involved for your time!”

Sponsored by Bueno


Free workshop thanks to our sponsor Bueno


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Our Dribbble Workshop session with Bueno takes place on September 16, 2022. The session begin at 9:00AM (PDT).

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