1. Aloe You nature illustration plant nature plants illustration clean minimal design
    Aloe You
  2. You Grown Glen Coco nature plants plant illustrator illustration clean minimal design
    You Grown Glen Coco
  3. Pot It like It's Hot plant illustration plants nature plant illustration clean minimal design
    Pot It like It's Hot
  4. You Can't Bloom with Us ! minimal nature plant illustration design
    You Can't Bloom with Us !
  5. Eucalyptus + Palm illustration clean minimal design
    Eucalyptus + Palm
  6. Cactus clean minimal design illustration
  7. Buzzfeed Blue Opening opening title titles clean concept rebrand gif animation loop design buzzfeed
    Buzzfeed Blue Opening
  8. Buzzfeed Logo Concept concept clean simple bee rebrand gif animation logo design buzzfeed
    Buzzfeed Logo Concept
  9. D U N Z O typography titles title sequence cinema 3d minimal clean design event branding
    D U N Z O
  10. Spotlight Promo Posters identity minimal system design event posters
    Spotlight Promo Posters
  11. Totally Normal Logo music design line minimal dj branding logo
    Totally Normal Logo
  12. The Chaser – Bike bike design event branding icon graphic gif animation
    The Chaser – Bike
  13. Rise Early. Work Hard. Strike Oil. design minimal icons quote graphic
    Rise Early. Work Hard. Strike Oil.
  14. The Chaser Logo athletic icon branding logo
    The Chaser Logo
  15. Censorship visual design print editorial
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