1. Uptake Canada Mural fish fishing polarbear beaver buffalo illustration icon mural canada
    Uptake Canada Mural
  2. Uptake Canada Mural apples vineyard loonie flag toronto illustration mural canada
    Uptake Canada Mural
  3. Uptake Canada Mural icon quebec castle canoe maple syrup maple leaf canada illustration mural
    Uptake Canada Mural
  4. When Will Winter End winter chicago icon infographic
    When Will Winter End
  5. Chicago buildings  illustration icon board of trade athletic association chicago
    Chicago buildings
  6. The Art Institute of Chicago  chicago art institute museum illustration icon
    The Art Institute of Chicago
  7. Shithoused  drunk
  8. Ballparks Poster  illustration icon stadium ballpark baseball opening day mlb
    Ballparks Poster
  9. Submission process mac eames building icon illustration isometric
    Submission process
  10. Isometric Eames chairs  isometric eames chairs illustration
    Isometric Eames chairs
  11. Vaystays icons  boat campfire wifi ski home iconography icon
    Vaystays icons
  12. Fish mark illustration marlin identity logo icon fish
  13. AIGA Chicago logo script type badge aiga
    AIGA Chicago
  14. Kauffman Stadium  poster illustration royals kauffman baseball
    Kauffman Stadium
  15. Dead Bird  illustration branding logo bird magpie
    Dead Bird
  16. Bar icons  burger beer basketball icon
    Bar icons
  17. Butler  logo shadow type texture
  18. Welcome home LeBron cavs basketball lebron icon illustration
    Welcome home LeBron
  19. Cleveland's holy grail  icon super bowl nba world series cleveland
    Cleveland's holy grail
  20. Lion knocker lion identity door knocker
    Lion knocker
  21. The Waterfronts  cleveland waterfronts illustration city
    The Waterfronts
  22. Draplin #2 draplin alaska field notes
    Draplin #2
  23. Draplin type draplin hat inline
  24. Made Holiday Shoppe  holiday present
    Made Holiday Shoppe
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