Sweet Promise Land

March 12, 2019

Which ☀️ is your favourite? (I know so many to choose from) I had such a great time creating this 🙊 collection embodying the Sierra Nevada desert. We're great listeners. Contact us at Laxalt & McIver Instagram | @laxaltandmciver

Deso - Struggle Gives Her Beauty

March 07, 2019

This design was inspired by Bristlecone Pine trees for their resiliency and ability to thrive in harsh environments. Has anyone read or seen The Glass Castle? It is worth. There is also a similar metaphor about struggle in it using a J...

Deso Hot Springs Patch

March 06, 2019

Heat your heart with Sierra Nevada hot springs. Deso Supply Co. partnered with us to create a line of artwork that reflects their strong appreciation for the Sierra Nevadas. 🌞 Deso lettering by @Peter Francis Laxalt Become a partner at ...