Loyola Homepage Redesign - extra sections

November 09, 2015

In between each primary navigation section will be an "extra" section of related content. So when you scroll down from the Academics section you will get to Humans of Loyola before the next primary nav item is highlighted. "extra" sectio...

Loyola Homepage Redesign - slideshow section

November 09, 2015

At the top of the page will be a silent autoplay video with indication to scroll for what's new... which will be the slideshow section. It's designed to accommodate either photo or video slides with captions and the caption and controls ...

Loyola Homepage Redesign - admissions section

November 09, 2015

Alas, decided to keep fonts simple with just a sans-serif and slab-serif. This is a one page site and each primary navigation item links down the page to its section with links the primary user needs most. Super slimmed down IA compared ...

Loyola Homepage Redesign - Academics section - take 2

October 27, 2015

Directed to go a less colorful route.