Day7_freebies: Mems

June 07, 2017

da7: Mems :) sorry but i needed to make this post stand separatelly, and also it is a little bit cheating for todays post smileys are available in attachment, and please press "L" if you like them

Day6_freebies: Stickers Smileys

June 06, 2017

Da6: Stickers Smileys :) had a lot of fun creating them, specially mems last row, not sure if it should exist :) enjoy, and do not forget to press "L" if you like them!

Day5_freebies: Weather icons

June 05, 2017

Da5: Weather icons there are huge amount of ios application connected to weather, so i decided to create such pack :) use it wisely and enjoy :)

Day4 simple lines

Day4_freebies: Simple Lines

June 04, 2017

Da4: Simple lines hope this icons can be handy for any site :)

Day3 dribble stickers words

Day3_freebies: Stickers Words

June 03, 2017

Da3: stickers for photo app :) some words and more for photo filter to apply as sticker please, press "L" and follow for more freebies

Day2 stickers hats

Day2_freebies: Stickers Hats

June 02, 2017

Da2: stickers for photo app :) some hats, glasses, pickachu, and more for photo filter to apply on face choose your favourite sticker, and feel free to use! if you like it, please, press "L"

Day1 ui essentials

Day1_freebies: UI Essentials

June 01, 2017

Da1: I'm going to start 1 week Freebies as a challenge :) 1st freebies of course are "Essentials" Feedback is highly welcomed, and leave some "L" if you find them usefull!

Available for new projects

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