1. Century 21 Color Proof type design photoshop typography branding color guide color proof poster print
    Century 21 Color Proof
  2. The Circle of (Home) Life illustrate designer mono home fun design illustration
    The Circle of (Home) Life
  3. The Consumer Called retro fun design lichtenstein cartoon girl pop pop art illustration
    The Consumer Called
  4. Magic Mix Juicery Illustrations product fun line art line health cute branding packaging food illustration illustrations
    Magic Mix Juicery Illustrations
  5. Macy's Philly Collection store pattern product development product retail macys packaging design illustration
    Macy's Philly Collection
  6. Peaky Blinders peaky blinders peaky bbc thomas shelby cillian murphy tv illustration face mob mafia blinders gang
    Peaky Blinders
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy WIP guardians guardians of the galaxy galaxy marvel cute illustration gamora drax disney
    Guardians of the Galaxy WIP
  8. Satriale's, from The Sopranos sopranos soprano satriales hbo tv pig store market illustration design
    Satriale's, from The Sopranos
  9. Simba II simba lion king children illustration lion disney animation 90s
    Simba II
  10. The Dharma Barracks lost tv vw bus barracks dharma dharma initiative
    The Dharma Barracks
  11. Magic Moon Baby Product, Warming Milk baby packaging product product design package design cute bunny illustration children
    Magic Moon Baby Product, Warming Milk
  12. True Detective Lone Star true detective hbo tv beer design illustration
    True Detective Lone Star
  13. Simba And Zazu  disney children kids illustration lion fun character
    Simba And Zazu
  14. Emmet Construction Co. lego illustration emmet character movie film design children kids
    Emmet Construction Co.
  15. Simba disney illustration animal lion character lion king kids children design
  16. Vintage Type vintage typography retro bold type font green
    Vintage Type
  17. Monsters Inc. pixar disney illustration fun mike monster kids children character
    Monsters Inc.
  18. Little Misfits Crew misfits british tv illustration character illustration design powers cute
    Little Misfits Crew
  19. Fringe Character Illustrations illustration fringe tv television people cute design characters
    Fringe Character Illustrations
  20. Jake, Adventure Time adventure time jake finn design shirt cute grunge texture illustration dog puppy
    Jake, Adventure Time
  21. Seasons Greetings From The Dharma Initiative lost dharma polar bear christmas holidays season santa cute bear
    Seasons Greetings From The Dharma Initiative
  22. Apartments in Dublin dublin ireland housing apartments vector illustration detail fun
    Apartments in Dublin
  23. Vintage Dharma Ad dharma vintage lost tv television vector illustration dharma initiative computer
    Vintage Dharma Ad
  24. Free Housing, Anyone? vector illustration housing apartment ad advertisement outdoors raffle color
    Free Housing, Anyone?
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