1. Salesforce file import apollo asets library asset library assets file import file library file list file upload grid grid view hubspot import library list list view outreach salesforce salesforce import upload upload assets
    View Salesforce file import
    Salesforce file import
  2. Salesforce search (3) apollo empty state hubspot loading loading results no results outreach results salesforce salesforce add-on salesforce app search search card search empty search loading search results search ui searching
    View Salesforce search (3)
    Salesforce search (3)
  3. Salesforce search (2) highlight hubspot loading opportunities outreach result results saas salesforce salesforce add-on salesforce app salesforce search search search loading search results search results loading search ui searching
    View Salesforce search (2)
    Salesforce search (2)
  4. Salesforce search custom search customise customise search customization customize customize search filters hubspot outreach recent search recently searched saas salesforce search search results search settings searching toggle
    View Salesforce search
    Salesforce search
  5. Transcript player apollo call chat conversation dashboard hubspot outreach pause play player record recording salesforce salesloft transcript ui zoom zoom call
    View Transcript player
    Transcript player
  6. Table filters column filter filter by filter column filter table filtering filters ingredients filter navigation salesforce sort sort by sort column sort table sorting tab tab navigation table table filters tabs top filters
    View Table filters
    Table filters
  7. Filters checkbox choose choose year dropdown filter filter by filter card filter ui filtering filters hubspot outreach salesforce select select year sort sort by sort card sorting year filter
    View Filters
  8. Salesforce onboarding configuration dashboard hubspot nudge onboarding onboarding panel onboarding progress onboarding step onboarding widget outreach progress progress bar progress steps salesforce salesforce onboarding salesforce security salesforce setup setup steps
    View Salesforce onboarding
    Salesforce onboarding
  9. Salesforce security apollo dashboard error hubspot outreach overview panel saas salesforce salesforce security security security dashboard security manager security panel setup panel warning
    View Salesforce security
    Salesforce security
  10. Onboarding apollo choose dashboard flow hubspot onboarding onboarding flow outreach salesforce salesforce settings security security settings select setting up settings setup travel user onboarding user settings welcome
    View Onboarding
  11. Onboarding widget add add location checklist complete flow new user onboarding onboarding card onboarding flow onboarding step onboarding steps onboarding widget progress progress card security step steps user flow user permission widget
    View Onboarding widget
    Onboarding widget
  12. Table filters analysis data data analysis filter filter by filters sort sort by table table data table filters tabs top tree filter trend trends
    View Table filters
    Table filters
  13. Trend analysis analysis category data filter filter by filters side nav side navigation sidebar subcategories subcategory table table data table filter top top categories top filters top ingredients top navigation trend
    View Trend analysis
    Trend analysis
  14. Tile creation apollo create create new create tile crm field fields hubspot input field management new new tile outreach sales salesforce set up settings settings ui tile zoominfo
    View Tile creation
    Tile creation
  15. Templates add create create template fast note fast notes hover hubspot list lists new new template note note template notes outreach overview quick note salesforce template templates
    View Templates
  16. Filters add filter apollo create filter employee filter filter filter by filter card filter ui filters hubspot job filter location filter outreach radio sales sales filter salesforce salesloft select select filter
    View Filters
  17. Advacend filters apollo filter filter by filter card filter panel filter ui filtering filters hubspot job title jobs filters location filter outreach sales sales filters salesforce salesloft sort sort by zoominfo
    View Advacend filters
    Advacend filters
  18. Sequences overview apollo campaign campaign monitor campaign overview campaigns filter filter by filters hubspot list monitor new campaign outreach overview salesforce salesloft sequence sequence list sequences table
    View Sequences overview
    Sequences overview
  19. Advanced filters applied advanced filters apollo dashboard filter filter applied filter by filter card filter modal filter ui filtering filters hubspot job filters outreach sales filters salesforce sort sort by sorting zoominfo
    View Advanced filters applied
    Advanced filters applied
  20. Advanced filters modal advanced filters apollo company filters filter filter by filter card filter modal filter ui filtering filters hubspot job filters outreach prospect prospecting sales salesforce salesloft sort by sorting
    View Advanced filters modal
    Advanced filters modal
  21. Empty state suggestions add template badge create template empty empty state new template note notes pill quick note recommendation sales salesforce suggestion tab tabs template templates tip use template
    View Empty state suggestions
    Empty state suggestions
  22. Settings panel add add step apollo campaign campaign settings dashboard drag hubspot manage management outreach remove reorder salesforce salesloft sequence settings settings card settings panel steps
    View Settings panel
    Settings panel
  23. Explorations add to list add to sequence apollo chrome extension copy edit email extension google chrome hubspot linkedin list outreach phone number prospect prospecting sales salesloft sequence zoominfo
    View Explorations
  24. Reports analytics apollo chart charts dashboard dashboard card data hubpost line chart outreach report reports saas salesforce strategy top top 5 ui zoominfo
    View Reports
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