1. Table Filters ui saas clusters table view filter forge add sort sort by filter by filtering category filter group filter cluster filter cluster table filter table filter ui filters filter
    View Table Filters
    Table Filters
  2. Filters + Cards filter forge custom clusters cluster growth trend filter by sort by sort category card active checkbox select filter select badge filter ui filtering filters filter
    View Filters + Cards
    Filters + Cards
  3. Task Management tasks flow comment attach edit settings task settings task manager to do list list task list table mangement to do task management app task management task
    View Task Management
    Task Management
  4. Tasks - Archive dashboard saas show all sort by sort add add a task estate assist estate task manager task management check task list todo app todolist todoist todo tasks task
    View Tasks - Archive
    Tasks - Archive
  5. Save Modal integrate connect add to sequence sequence upgrade ownership owner add to bag add add to cart add to list dial direct edit assign export save contact popup modal save
    View Save Modal
    Save Modal
  6. User Profile/Information strategy email similar companies similar people similar funding rounds job postings data user information company profile company information information workspace opportunity research user profile profile contact page contact
    View User Profile/Information
    User Profile/Information
  7. Search Results recommendations recommendation suggestions suggestion search result search engine searching search users search companies search people companies people recommended saved searches saved search search bar search results search
    View Search Results
    Search Results
  8. Personas saas strategy filters add delete editor switch toggle switch toggle turn on expand dropdown settings page settings editorial edit create personas
    View Personas
  9. Components ui checkbox debugger incoming outgoing set up cancel search selector select application apply submit verification process setup phone number number choose
    View Components
  10. Filter Edit add filter edit filter edit rule create rule management choose select filter ui filter forge editor rule editor define rule privacy settings filtering settings edit create manage filters filter
    View Filter Edit
    Filter Edit
  11. Manage Custom Filter settings filtering permissions permission actions edit include exclude ui dashboard strategy filters filter ui save filter create filter custom filter filter
    View Manage Custom Filter
    Manage Custom Filter
  12. Homepage - Old Draft tasks estate assist estate settings vault documents resources homepage ui activity details accounting homepage design to do roadmap ui dashboard strategy saas shortcut homepage
    View Homepage - Old Draft
    Homepage - Old Draft
  13. Transactions - Old Draft transactional estate assist estate history transaction history debit credit net amount add asset add transaction assets debts debt accounting software accountant accounting taxes tax transactions transaction
    View Transactions - Old Draft
    Transactions - Old Draft
  14. Settings / Voice ui dashboard strategy saas setting call voice integration integrate connection connect add management manage settings page settings ui settings
    View Settings / Voice
    Settings / Voice
  15. Custom Filters filter forge remove filter remove preview dashboard strategy saas filter ui settings ui settings page settings privacy settings privacy filtering create custom filters custom filer filter
    View Custom Filters
    Custom Filters
  16. Filters - Tweaked advanced search title filter forge filter open selection select by select search by search ui saas strategy check checkbox sort by sort filter ui filtering filters filter
    View Filters - Tweaked
    Filters - Tweaked
  17. UI Elements settings page settings ui sort by settings visibility add filter remove filter sorting sort filtering filter ui filters filter ui analytics dashboard strategy saas
    View UI Elements
    UI Elements
  18. Set of Filters add show more expand show all show owner stage filter by sort by sort ui analytics dashboard strategy saas filter ux filter ui filtering filter filters
    View Set of Filters
    Set of Filters
  19. Recent & Saved Searches filter ui empty state filtering search engine recent search saved search saved searching search bar search results filters filter search ui analytics dashboard strategy saas
    View Recent & Saved Searches
    Recent & Saved Searches
  20. Navigation + Breadcrumps - Exploration dropdown ui dashboard strategy saas categories category home dropdown menu card menubar menu design tabs tab menu tab navigation top navigation menu breadcrumbs breadcrumb
    View Navigation + Breadcrumps - Exploration
    Navigation + Breadcrumps - Exploration
  21. Onboarding / Short Version onboard step read guide checklist check tour guide steps onboarding illustration onboarding screens onboarding ui onboarding ui brand identity analytics dashboard saas strategy
    View Onboarding / Short Version
    Onboarding / Short Version
  22. Onboarding to do checklist get started guide get started steps intro onboarding illustration onboarding screens onboard onboarding screen onboarding ui onboarding ui analytics dashboard saas strategy
    View Onboarding
  23. Navigation categories category tab design tabbar subtabs menubar navigate menu navigation design tab navigation tabsicons tab bar tab menu tabs tab navigation menu navigation bar navigation strategy saas
    View Navigation
  24. Empty State Illustrations 2 illustrations open rate tracking subdomain email to do safeguard trigger sequence toggle saas ui strategy analytics dashboard empty states illustration empty state
    View Empty State Illustrations 2
    Empty State Illustrations 2
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