Redbenny 1

Red Benny V3?

September 02, 2016

Red Benny is one of the first fonts I designed. It sat stale and broken until a couple weeks ago when a licenser asked for a refund because they didn't realize they were buying piece of shit when they paypal'd me $16 last year. I still ...

Typeface Release: Red Benny

February 15, 2013

So, the mystery font I've been using for a while now is finally available to purchase. You can pick it up here: Or check out the beyond fantastic specimen work by @Andrew Colin Beck and @Jere...

New Logo

February 01, 2013

I liked my old logo, but it just didn't say KYLE WAYNE BENSON as much as it said WISDOM SCRIPT KNOCK OFF. So, here's the new baby.



October 05, 2012

Some logotype experimentation for some branding I've been working on. WIP, so advice is appreciated.