5 Shots

Tide Sans Released

The latest, and last, edition of Tide's In is here. So many changes were made in the last three months, that it deserved a new name. I'm pretty excited about...

November 13, 2013

Benson Invitational T-Shirt

My wife and I are hosting a half marathon for friends and family, and I'm trying to give the whole thing an 80's cluttered but organized look. The style is t...

March 09, 2013


Tide's In! Released

Tide's In, is now for sale over at my font store. Huge thanks to @Dave Coleman @Matthew Williams & @Nicholas Ogden for their amazing specimen work.

March 04, 2013

Redesign Playoff

I'd love to see some rebounds of a product design/food packaging you use often but is absolutely ugly. This is also a specimen for Tide's In, a font I'm rel...

March 01, 2013

Tide's In!

Creating a font based on some hand letting I found in an old advertisement.

January 28, 2013