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  1. 18 May Kyle Chicoine Followed Canvas.
  2. 17 May Kyle Chicoine Commented on We Riide Homepage by Chris Owens for Canvas

    Wow, this is a great looking site! Is it live yet? @Chris Owens you did a great job from what I can tell. I've wanted to do a website project about cars and will keep this for inspiration for sure.

  3. 15 May Kyle Chicoine Followed Liz Arezina.
  4. 14 May Kyle Chicoine Added Playing With K to the Great Logo Design bucket.
  5. 14 May Kyle Chicoine Commented on Playing With K by Carlos Rocafort IV for All Turtles

    These are excellent!

  6. 8 May Kyle Chicoine Commented on Fuck This Algorithm by Dina Rodriguez

    Love the lettering! I know Instagram's algorithm is a headache for most, but I've heard the reasons why they changed it. We all have to play nice with it and work in new ways to make our work go viral on Instagram. Always a fan of your work Dina! Keep it up! 🤘

  7. 7 May Kyle Chicoine Followed Design God.

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