Font friday 04 2x

Font Friday 04

March 02, 2018

What’s up crew?! Happy Friday! I hope you had a successful week. This week’s font is Value Serif. A beautiful serif font released by Colophon Foundry in 2013. There is very unique notches in the j’s and f’s that really bring this typef...

Font Friday 03

February 23, 2018

What’s going on guys?! I hope you had an amazing week This is my third week of doing Font Fridays. This weeks geometric sans is Wigrum! Love this font and have already used it on 2 brands in the past few years. When I’m looking at ne...

Font Friday 01

February 09, 2018

Hey! What’s up?! Starting today, I’ll be getting down with my favorite fonts on dribbble and more in depth on my instagram story every Friday! I’m calling it Font Friday - I know…super clever. Typography really gets me energized when w...

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