1. E-mail Receipt 17 bill design bill ui cab receipt daily challenge daily ui dailyui dailyui 17 design inspiration email bill email receipt inspirations mail bill ui mail receipt ride bill taxi receipt ui 17 ui designs
    View E-mail Receipt
    E-mail Receipt
  2. Pop-Ups 016 16 daily challenge daily ui dailyui dailyui 16 diet plans diet subscriptions fitness newsletter overlay overlay popup pop ups pop-ups popups subscription pop-ups subscriptions ui design ui inspiration ux design
    View Pop-Ups
  3. Toggle On/Switch 015 15 daily challenge daily ui dailyui dailyui 15 onoff switch toggle toggle ideas toggle inspiration toggle inspirations toggle off toggle on toggle switch ui design ui15
    View Toggle On/Switch
    Toggle On/Switch
  4. Stopwatch 014 14 clock timer countdown timer daily challenge daily ui dailyui dailyui 14 design inspiration neumorphism sports timer stopwatch design stopwatch ui timer timer ui ui 14 ui designs ui inspirations
    View Stopwatch
  5. Chat with Support 013 13 chat chat support chat ui customer chat customer support daily challenge daily inspiration daily ui dailyui message messaging support support messaging ui 13 ui chat ui design ui inspirations ui shots
    View Chat with Support
    Chat with Support
  6. Product Display 012 12 daily challenge daily ui daily ui 12 dailyui e-commerce page e-commerce product product display product page product ui product ux product view ui 12 ui inspirations uiux challenge ux inspirations
    View Product Display
    Product Display
  7. Success & Error Message 011 11 daily ui dailyui error error message feedback message order page order placed payment error payment failed success success error ui inspirations uiux design ux inspirations
    View Success & Error Message
    Success & Error Message
  8. Product Share 010 10 daily ui dailyui e-commerce inspirations link share page share product product page product share saas share share options share ui ui inspirations uiux design
    View Product Share
    Product Share
  9. Modern Music Player 009 09 dailyui music music app music player music player ui music ui player app player inspiration players song player
    View Modern Music Player
    Modern Music Player
  10. Error 404 Page Design 404 error 404 page inspiration daily ui error 404 error page error page ui error ux page not found webpage error
    View Error 404 Page Design
    Error 404 Page Design
  11. Error 404 Page Design 008 08 404 design 404 page 404error page daily challenge daily ui dailyui e-commerce 404 e-commerce error error page product error uiux url page error
    View Error 404 Page Design
    Error 404 Page Design
  12. Game Settings - Controller 007 07 control settings daily ui dailyui game controller game settings game ui games games user interface mobile games settings settings ui ui game uiux
    View Game Settings - Controller
    Game Settings - Controller
  13. Cab App for Drivers booking cab cab booking cab driver dailyui driver app driver booking taxi taxi app taxi ride ui designs ui inspirations uiux design ux designs
    View Cab App for Drivers
    Cab App for Drivers
  14. Fitness Management for Trainers 006 06 account account management daily ui dailyui fitness management fitness profile fitness studio gym account gym profile profile uiux user profile
    View Fitness Management for Trainers
    Fitness Management for Trainers
  15. Landing Page - Restaurant 005 05 daily ui dailyui hero page landing page page design ui design web design web inspiration web ux website design website design inspiration welcome page
    View Landing Page - Restaurant
    Landing Page - Restaurant
  16. App Icon Design 004 04 app design app icon app icon design app logo daily ui dailyui icon icon design icon ui inspiration uiux design
    View App Icon Design
    App Icon Design
  17. Calculator UI 003 03 calc calc ux calculator calculator design calculator experience calculator inspiration daily ui dailyui ui challenge ui design uiux challenges ux design
    View Calculator UI
    Calculator UI
  18. Cart Checkout 002 02 card details cart checkout checkout credit card dailyui debit card payment payment design payment details payment method product checkout ui design ui designs user experience
    View Cart Checkout
    Cart Checkout
  19. Signup Screen 001 01 daily challenge dailyui form login sign-up signin signup ui design user input
    View Signup Screen
    Signup Screen
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