Secret Shop App

April 30, 2014

Something secret I'm working on, Feedback is welcome! I'm available for hire!

Restaurant App

April 10, 2014

Did this app a couple weeks ago for a client, more info about the project coming soon! Check @2x and attached real pixels and full res.

Weather App

March 17, 2014

Just for fun. Attached the full picture and real pixels.

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Naamloos 1 kopie

iOS camera app UI

October 05, 2012

rejected version of something for something , yeahh credits to for the picture i used Follow me on twitter @kubilayss

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iOS App interface

August 22, 2012

a project a did a loonnngggggg time ago no idea about when it will release make sure you check the realllpixxelllzzzz check out my portfolio and contact me on : Follow me on twitter : @kubilayss

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Create acount - iOS

June 20, 2012

a project i finished couple weeks ago , this is all i can show for now Check attachment or click here for the REAL PIXELZZ Follow me on twitter

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Rebound - super secret project

June 18, 2012

thanks for feedback everyone

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Dribbble for iOS

May 14, 2012

one night project , just for fun make sure you check the attachments for 100% full vieuw this is a cropped version ! Full version in iPhone : Full version without iPhone frame :

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