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dsktps 100th wallpaper

Graphic for the dsktps blog announcing our 100th wallpaper release! Such an awesome milestone! Be sure to visit the site and download our 100th release: Sta...

July 02, 2013

dsktps.com - full iPhone 5 support

Quick image announcing full iPhone 5 support for all the wallpapers found on dsktps.com. You can read more about it on the dsktps blog.

March 06, 2013

dsktps - Windows 8 App - Monthly Breakdown

Exploring mockups of a dsktps.com Windows 8 App for fun. This would be the monthly release breakdown. Full post with all mockup designs can be viewed on my...

January 17, 2013

Dsktps app icon

dsktps - app icon

Quick app icon mockup for dsktps.com. No app in the pipeline just yet, but playing with ideas for various mobile OS platforms. Wanted to mimic the plastic b...

January 04, 2013

dsktps | year in review

Started up a new blog for dsktps this week, our first major post went live today and this was the header for it. A look back at 2012 and the most popular wal...

January 03, 2013