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My collection of icons over the past years. Some are simple some are a tad more graphical.

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Wintery Camera

December 23, 2016

A concept exploration of a camera app icon, I was in a wintery mood. Let me know what you guys think! Be sure to see the attachments for LARGER view. Merry Christmas.

CaptionMagic Icon

July 22, 2015

APP LINK: http://www.imagical.co/ Here is an icon design for ap iPhone app that auto'magically' selects the right text color and position and places it on the photo. Be sure to see the attached photos of the process, a lot of the phas...

CMS Icons (before/after)

August 22, 2014

Hey guys, a little while back, I helped redesign some icons for a CMS system. I've posted the before/after. See 2x for details // PIXEL VIEW // have a great weekend :) This is still in the making so comments/feedback is always welcom...

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GK Icon

July 17, 2013

Happy Wednesday. I created this icon for GroceryKing and the app is finally available for download. Its a grocery to-do list (and much more) app, currently only for android. Check out ACTUAL PIXELS and 2x size for more details :) EV...

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CCM icon

June 21, 2013

Hello people, Worked on this little icon recently. Can you guess that its coupon related? All elements in the icon are custom built. Be sure to check out the 2X size above :) (this is still under works, so reasonable feedback will be co...

GK Icons

April 25, 2013

Dear Dribbble Peeps, I worked on some icons the other day and here are a few of them. They will be used in an app involving shopping and these are the categories... currently showing about half of them. Be sure to see the 2X size and l...

Dicons ♦

April 03, 2013

You've seen rounded square icons, you've seen circle icons, you even seen square icons... but I bet you NEVER seen diamond icons :P Had some spare time and played around with some random icons. If you guys like them I can maybe build a...

DoFlat Icon

March 22, 2013

Decided to try something a little different today. Doing some flatnessness stuff... Do you guys like this kind of style? Surprisingly this took just as much time as a detailed realistic icon. Feedback appreciated. Check out the 2x size...

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