Device Templates

June 28, 2015

I took a few device photographs to illustrate my "Redesigning Chrome for Android" article series and I realized that while I used to use a lot of templates made by others, I never actually released one. So here are four of them, includ...

Birthday, invite giveaway and freebie

July 03, 2014

I drew a little something for @Dribbble's 5th birthday. I can't imagine how much impact Dribbble had on the design community over the year. I know it played a huge role for me. I realized that I recently got two invitations to giveawa...

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Sketch Tutorial 01

June 06, 2014

I just published my first Sketch 3 tutorial based on the Colorful Switch icon. It turned out to be a good base for a beginner's tutorial as it uses quite a bit of features. You may not learn anything if you already are an advanced user...

Colorful Switch

May 06, 2014

Can't resist rebounding when it's about creating overly colored switches. The source (.sketch) is attached. It's based on the iPad app icon template so feel free to use it if your app is all about switching things on and off.

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Sketch icon set

April 20, 2014

My first .sketch freebie. I was curious to see how Sketch would handle lots of layers with blending modes and effects. I thought I would prefer Photoshop for this kind of work. Turned out I was wrong, I got the same result. Feel free t...

Light And Switch 2

April 07, 2014

I continued playing with these little UI elements adding a checkbox and radio button. Just an occasion to play with light and PS blending mode really. If you keep about the same saturation, you can change color without re-touching the e...

Light and Switch

April 04, 2014

I miss playing with lights and color on UI elements so I did this little switch for fun.

Twitter Lite Part.2

March 04, 2014

Second and final part of my Twitter Lite personal project. I had a lot of fun thinking this layout through. I added 5 additional screens since the last shot: first screen, sign-in, sign-up, profile and search results. I also added the ...

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