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  1. 28 Nov
    Eric Hoffman
    Commented on Free trial sign up page

    Looks awesome! I would thin out your strokes around the inputs as well as the "Try It Free" button

  2. 27 Nov
    Eric Hoffman
    Added Fashion Overkill to the RC bucket.
  3. 25 Nov
    Eric Hoffman
    Commented on Super Team Deluxe: Death Before Spec Work

    You could tattoo this on my throat. I live and die by it.

  4. 23 Nov
    Eric Hoffman
    Commented on Mobile & Web Dashboard Views

    @Adam Luptak all great feedback. This was a client pitch that was was to show 1000 foot view of some general visual improvement we could offer backed by tons of annotated notes that accompanied this pitch. I typically spare the Dribbble community from these details and stick to eye candy in these paradigms :)

  5. 22 Nov
    Eric Hoffman
    Commented on Homepage

    I dig it! The only thing you might want to change is the "VS" layer. I was reading and did not realize until after I took in the whole thing what you were trying to convey. I was like ...Work more hours?? Other than that its super nice!