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by Kev Adamson

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A little visual tease of the recently launched:

December 17, 2010

Shot 1284661071

Scruffy Form

September 16, 2010

Shot 1284661028

Scruffy Prompt

September 16, 2010

Shot 1284480455

Blinking 'eck!

September 14, 2010

Shot 1281951415

Go Team Go Go Go!

Given them unique coloured clothes, but kept their style the same. Also added a couple of textures and texture variations. Think this could now be sorted :)

August 16, 2010

Shot 1281821061

Go Team Go!

Trying the globe full colour. Also fixed the shadow on the bottom guy. Plus this shot shows the whole illustration. May still have a play with their clothes...

August 14, 2010

Shot 1281808236

Go Team!

Work in progress on a personal project. Will be part of / in support of a logo I'm also designing. Not sure whether to do more with the globe, and I'm also ...

August 14, 2010