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by Kerem Suer

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Screen shot 2011 07 22 at 12.02.42 am

It's on

I don't like iOS switches.

July 22, 2011



You don't want to accidentally tap on submit order on your multi thousand dollar shopping cart. Check out the full-size for crisp details. Feedback is apprec...

July 21, 2011

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Screen shot 2011 07 19 at 10.49.54 pm


Trying to keep the minimal look and feel as much as possible. Check out the other shots in this project. Feedback appreciated as always.

July 20, 2011

Screen shot 2011 07 07 at 9.49.44 pm


Alright, this is the interaction as you scroll down. Thoughts?

July 08, 2011

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Bottom bar 1a

Navigation revisited

Figured tooltip navigation is a little problematic, so I switched back to the usual bottom nav style, revisited and polished the textures, icons, etc. I'm ha...

July 08, 2011

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Screen shot 2011 07 07 at 9.05.07 pm


Still trying to optimize the behavior on this page for a seamless shopping experience. Challenge: Many form elements, various fields on each item (hard to ...

July 08, 2011

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List view

I'm almost done with this view, still couple touches need to be done. Detail maniacs can check out the attachment.

June 26, 2011

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Grid view

Made changes to the nav, guess I coulda rebounded it, oh well...

June 26, 2011