The Card App by Kerem Suer

A beautiful app that will let you send your business card (.vcf) to anyone with a single tap. That easy.

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App landing page

July 26, 2011

This is coming together well. Check out the attached file for a little more detail on the buttons and typography. Thoughts?

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Modal and Null

July 26, 2011

Almost done with this project and gotta say, super extremely uber excited to see how this turned out. I also attached a full-size screenshot for detail maniacs. As always, feedback is much appreciated.



July 24, 2011

So I got rid of the huge round button as it became very problematic vertical height wise... Moved towards more of a conservative style with that call to action button. On this screen we're taking a peek at a simple form. I guess we can a...


Tab bar

July 24, 2011

Working on a cool app that will fill up a really basic daily need for all of us. Feedback is appreciated. Haven't worked with darker color palettes before much, so I think this is a good change for me. I'm using the awesome icon set Geom...