Replace Timeline Media

July 04, 2021

Replacing media in the Clipchamp timeline is now as easy as dragging and dropping 🔄 Learn more.

Screen Recording Widget

January 14, 2021

Clipchamp's screen recording widget 🖥

Change Email Modal

January 12, 2021

With this modal, we gave Clipchamp users the ability to change their email. Often the way to verify that the correct user is changing their password is to ask for them to enter their password. As not all Clipchamp users have a password s...

Clipchamp Phone Import

January 10, 2021

Import media into your Clipchamp project from your phone blazingly fast 🔥 Learn more here.

Edit Payment Details Form

January 08, 2021

A form allowing our Clipchamp users to easily change their payment details. The form allows you to switch between a credit card and PayPal, change your credit card or PayPal account and update contact details.

Cloud Sync Menu

June 11, 2020

The menu for the new cloud sync feature that's available in Clipchamp. Enable cloud sync in your projects and see detailed progress of the sync status of your media. 🌩

Video Compression & Conversion Widget

March 06, 2020

An unused widget concept for compressing and converting videos in Clipchamp Create.

Favourites Empty State

February 15, 2020

An empty state for an unused favourites concept for the Clipchamp Create project library.