1. Let the Music Play 🎵 music icon illustration isometric illustration isometric gradient vintage vinyl record retro 80s synthwave isometric art record player
    Let the Music Play 🎵
  2. Band.ly Sign Up Flow entry flow splash screen mobile design dailyui 001 dailyui sign up ui design ui
    Band.ly Sign Up Flow
  3. Telelectrix - Show Poster procreate music band poster retro design nagel retrowave synthwave 80s illustration
    Telelectrix - Show Poster
  4. Crystal Star illustration pink pastel icons anime sailor moon
    Crystal Star
  5. WordStream's 10 Year Anniversary graphic design header banner infographic
    WordStream's 10 Year Anniversary
  6. Album Artwork for Telelectrix illustration synthwave music cd design
    Album Artwork for Telelectrix
  7. Be A Doer poster pink typography
    Be A Doer
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