Kaiser Shaffer ath—nyc by Kaiser Shaffer

project on the subject of trying to reconcile a week of serving refugees in Athens, Greece and then immediately doing a contemporary art class trip to NYC.

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Comp 3

ath — nyc animation 1

October 20, 2018

sped up version of an animation that was something like 15 minutes long as part of an animation loop in the gallery space for the "ath — nyc" project. Pulled frames from the animations to be part of the print spread.

Ath nyc final spreadforposting

ath — nyc journal

June 04, 2018

A 16-page newsprint magazine with black-and-white photo compositions placed alongside simple graphics and quotes pulled from my journal entries from the trips. see the spreads in full here: https://www.kaisershaffer.com/ath-nyc/

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Big poster show

ath — nyc posters

May 31, 2018

a set of 11 58.5" x 38" posters Instead of printing these as large format prints, pieced each one together with 12 pieces of 11x17 paper into one warped, fragile composition, helping further tie the posters to the concept of culture sho...

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ath — nyc space

May 18, 2018

this spring I was able to install my ath — nyc show in Asbury's gallery space for a bit. Super glad for @Diego Molina and his help capturing the space. Will be posting more of the finished products soon. Check out the full project page ...

spread 2

March 19, 2018

ath—nyc spread 7

March 12, 2018

ath–nyc (sqaure2)

February 09, 2018

ath — nyc

November 22, 2017