Kaiser Shaffer Asbury Student Congress by Kaiser Shaffer

Various things made during my time as the Executive Publicist of Asbury Student Congress, in charge of spreading the word about on-campus events.

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end of year bash

April 26, 2018

there's a party and that's all you really need to know

Nemo Achida

April 10, 2018

campus concert things

caring about immigration

April 10, 2018

oops, it's the statue of liberty again

Immigration and the Church

February 27, 2018

collage for an event in a series that looks at the church's response to current events.

SLB Bookmark

February 26, 2018

Some nice lil prayer bookmarks for our Spiritual Life Board. Ended up getting enough made to give one to every student on campus for 24/5 Prayer Week and then they'll also be used at prayer ministry stations around campus. ✌️


February 07, 2018

still working on styles for a series of events on campus for valentine's day around the topic of race

AWN Spring

January 26, 2018

final poster design for Asbury Worship Nights

Game Show Night visuals

January 24, 2018

visuals for an Asbury-themed game show event