Kaiser Shaffer Asbury Collegian by Kaiser Shaffer

Spent 3 years on The Asbury Collegian, the student newspaper at Asbury. Most of these shots come from my time as the creative director.

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Year in Review Review

May 01, 2017

Took a crash course in magazine production when the Asbury Collegian decided to produce an end-of-the-year publication to compile all the best articles and pictures from the year into one package. Learned a lot from the mistakes, like, d...

yearinreview pg96

April 07, 2017

inspirational quote spread from the Collegian's Year in Review

semester's almost over folks

April 03, 2017

cool things coming on the collegian end

Lent spread

March 03, 2017

some graphics for a featured article in the Collegian

collegian cover 3/3

March 02, 2017

Collegian cover graphic celebrating women in Asbury's history that were vital in making the university what it is today

Asbury + Sundance

February 02, 2017

some asbury students went to sundance and I made a spread in the Collegian about it

thanksgiving USA

November 17, 2016

lil graphy for a Collegian cover

election night 2k16

November 07, 2016

unused concept for Collegian election night live stream on-screen graphics