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It is coded into WordPress.

September 04, 2013


Do you guys start design directly using retina (x2) resolution in PS? I design it in normal resolution but with all elements in vector/shapes. So, its easie...

August 22, 2013

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Landing Page

August 09, 2013

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Kinda like how this end up, but, is it lacks of colours and excitement?

August 09, 2013


One of the section explaining the key features, will be using tab and jquery animation.

August 09, 2013


We decided to go with this version with the select colour palette. Photo by © Pieter Baert

July 18, 2013


The previous version has been rejected. The reason is because it looks more related to entertainment events which failed to related to what FlickEvents do. ...

July 16, 2013

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Style 1

Not satisfied with the font here, still exploring. But the position looks good to me :) Its kinda .. make sense. What do you think. I need some inputs regard...

June 25, 2013