Beute Kunst by Justin Schueler

Beute Kunst - A project from a friend of mine. They grab old lamps, polish them and sell them. Great stuff. I will get my hands on the Identity and Website.

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Beute Kunst - Final Branding & Website

February 07, 2014

Justin Schueler Hey there, I just finished this great project after a pretty long run. There are still some minor bugs and improvements that need to be done in the next time, but for now, I am proud to present the live version :) See i...

Beute Kunst Screen Design

January 15, 2013

New and almost final version. Got rid of the "red" and focused an contrast. Switched to Futura for navigation, headlines, buttons and Proxima Nova for the paragraphs. Plans for development: responsive, cms (don't know which we'll finall...

Beute Kunst - First Screendesign - Mockup

November 12, 2012

Hey folks, those are my very first screens for the Beute Kunst website. I didn't add much details or specific content for now. Also the sizes, proportions and positions aren't final yet. So, basics only. Comes up next ;) Btw: I current...

Bk logo compact final animated

Beute Kunst logo compact - approved

November 04, 2012

This is the final and approved version of the compact logo. I just did a few adjustments to the border-thickness and proportions as well as minor type-alterations. Glad if you like it. thx & cheers.

Bk logo kompakt

Beute Kunst logo compact

October 13, 2012

First logo logo sketches for a friend's company. They grab old lamps, polish'em and sell'em. Thumbnail shows a compact version of the logo - symbol & abbreviation. There are 4 more alternative versions / arrangements. (attached file...