July 28, 2020

An initiative to reach gender parity among directors of the films programmed by Film Streams by the end of 2021.


January 02, 2020

Repertory series now showing at Film Streams:

Film/Style 4

December 22, 2019

Film/Style is an introduction to the aesthetic techniques employed by some of the most influential and challenging filmmakers in the medium’s history.

FEATURE8 Animation

August 22, 2019

Feature VIII: Paul Giamatti in conversation with Alexander Payne. Animation by Caleb Coppock.

Fragments and Chaos

April 08, 2019

“The creation of a single world comes from a huge number of fragments and chaos.” — Hayao Miyazaki The brand for Film Streams continues to evolve as it highlights new programming and events. The latest is on animation. https://www.jus...


April 01, 2019

messing w/ grit and noise and layering

This is America

January 15, 2019

Some mighty fine programming coming your way via:

Film/Style 3

December 20, 2018

Using graphic linework and shapes to assemble a visual that represents the techniques of film; how depth, scale, foreground/background, beginning/middle/end, and movement speaks to the interplay of narrative, cinematography, and sound th...

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