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Shot 1300485383

Form Field Error States

The smaller details of the landing page sign up form. Yellow was much friendlier than red. Also had to move the arrow inside the box unfortunately (due to fo...

March 18, 2011

Shot 1299687557

TakeOver PopUp

Modal promotional popover for use on external sites. The size is designed for browsers 800x600 and up and also adheres to the rule of the 'Fibonnaci Swirl' a...

March 09, 2011

Shot 1299605744

Landing Page

A more comprehensive landing page to the other version, with tabbed info. April 5th Update: Now live: http://promo.shopopensky.com/follow/kath/

March 08, 2011

Shot 1299275778

Error Message

Error message form field.

March 04, 2011

Shot 1299193669

Landing Page

Targeted landing page template for each member of talent.

March 03, 2011