Juan Monteverde is a highly skilled lawyer and the founding member of the Empire State Building-based law firm Monteverde & Associates PC. His business is focused on defending shareholders against corporate wrongdoing. Their customers include those who have lost money as a result of corporate misconduct as well as regular consumers who have been hurt by deceptive advertising.

No one is above the law, which symbolizes Monteverde's dedication to justice and fairness, his motto. His talented legal staff is equally committed to upholding corporate responsibility and safeguarding the interests of shareholders and customers.

As a fierce defender of his clients, Monteverde supports making businesses liable for their deeds. He has a proven track record of achievement and is renowned for working nonstop to ensure justice is done.

Monteverde was a partner and the head of the department handling mergers and acquisition litigation at Faruqi & Faruqi LLP before opening his own business..

New York, New York

Member since Nov 2022

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