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  1. I run a wordpress theme shop with my wife. We sell blog themes on etsy, creative market, and studiopress.
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    Updated November 14, 2016
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      Updated March 19, 2016
      1. Complete redesign and build of the CauseVox marketing site.
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        Updated March 10, 2016
        1. Find Your Calling is all about putting powerful data in your hands so that you can become a better consumer of education and careers.
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          Updated February 25, 2016
          1. Branding and web design for a leadership consultant, Gloria S Chan, based out of DC!
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            Updated January 26, 2016
            1. Career Coach sits on a school website to help students have a career vision—a strong grasp of what they’re aiming for, how to get there, and why.
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              Updated November 15, 2015