Sketching initials

July 06, 2014

Toying with revising my personal logo mark for redesign, and my initials are really difficult to work with. If I do end up revising my mark, I'm leaning toward the nice progression of the bottom left of photo (aka the bottom right of t...

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Jsm 2

Almost there

July 20, 2011

Getting pretty close to finishing up a new version of my site. It's not a full-blown redesign, but more of a little rethinking and restructuring. I plan to launch with some stuff still unfinished (like my portfolio, a responsive layout, ...

Jsm rough home footer 1.6

Rough Footer

May 18, 2011

The footer I was working on earlier for a bit of a rework of my site (though not a huge departure). Still rough and lots of little stuff to clean up, but the basic lockup is there. And it took me longer than I expected to get here.