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Lord of The Flies Book Cover

July 11, 2013

Book cover design that I just remembered I had done a while back for The Fox Is Black's Recovered Books series. Didn't get chosen, but was proud of this one. Art Direction by my good friend Austin Sailsbury.


Birthday Camera

August 20, 2012

In lieu of my 25th birthday today, I thought I'd post this old illustration of a camera I made earlier this year.

Fallingup 01

Falling Upward

August 16, 2012

Another gem I designed a while ago for the band Falling Up. They never really commented on this, to be honest, but I always liked this one. If I recall, I whipped this up in about an hour.

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Av logo 02

Something Old and Unused

August 10, 2012

Unused logo design I came across while cleaning up my Dropbox. The client went with someone else. I don't particularly blame him.